URGENT! Protect Your Freedom!

There is a push for legislation that will ban flavorings in e-juice or e-liquid. Please read the announcement below and get involved ASAP.  Following the links will get you more information and more ways to become involved.

 Call to Action!!!
October 2014
URGENT: Fight Proposed Legislation to Ban Flavorings in E-Liquids

The time is now to get involved!For more information and useful tools, visit the “Protect” section of our newly redesigned website! 

You’ll find:
~ A Consumer Packet filled with information and useful tips that will help you get involved in advocacy.
~ The Legislative Packet that cites the latest research studies about e-cigarettes, including FAQs and the abstracts or conclusions of over 60 studies.
~ Past written testimony and letters from NVC on behalf of vapers
~ And much more!

Feel free to contact us with any questions/suggestions: info@vapersclub.com

Please forward this to other vapers, friends and family who appreciate what vaping has meant in your life. If you’re a business owner, please forward this to your customers.


Thank you for getting involved!
The Board of National Vapers Club

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Flamingo Hotel and Casino
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March 6 & 7, 2015
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Vapefest events fund our research and advocacy efforts. 


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What began as the first local meet for vapers in Long Island NY, back in 2009, has evolved into National Vapers Club.
Today, National Vapers Club is a volunteer organization that raises funds for scientific research on electronic cigarettes, provides education to anyone who wants to learn more about vaping products, and helps protect vaper’s rights by activism on the local, state and federal levels.
Members of National Vapers Club have presented scientific data which supports the case of electronic cigarettes as a harm reduction method, in person, with written testimony, and by sending credential health policy experts to testify as well.The group presents Vapefest (vapefest.com) a semi-annual convention for vapers which is an educational, consumer/trade show. With funds raised from this and other grass-roots efforts, National Vapers Club funded the the first-ever Indoor Vapor Air Quality Study (ivaqs.com) that determined the vapor emitted from these products did not present a risk for bystanders. Today, profits from Vapefest go towards further study and advocacy of e-cigarettes.

Dear Vaper,


We have two urgent calls to action regarding proposed bans of flavoring in e-cigarettes. One in New York City and one in Ashland, MA. Even if you are not a resident of these cities, it is imperative to take action to stop them because just like many other laws, these bans can be rolled out throughout the states and to other states like dominoes falling.   

Ashland, MA: Council proposes an amendment to current tobacco laws which will define e-cigarettes as tobacco, ban e-cig use wherever smoking is outlawed, and will ban the sale of flavored “cigarettes,” which would include e-cigs as defined in the amendment.  


New York City: City Councilman Constantinides introduced a bill that would ban the sale of flavored e-cigarettes and e-liquid throughout the city. Tobacco bars would be exempt, but vape shops would not.   

Read the Bill: Int 0488-2014 



If you’re near enough to attend either hearing, make plans to do so:
Ashland Mass Board of Health Meeting:
Tuesday, October 14, 2014, 7:00 pm
Town Hall Meeting Room B-C
101 Main Street, 1st Floor, Ashland MA 01721

New York City Board of Health Meeting*:
Thursday, October 23, 2014 1:00 pm
Council Chambers, City Hall
City Hall and 250 Broadway, New York, NY

*Please note, the flavor ban is not yet listed on the NYC Health Board meeting agenda. However we’re encouraging vapers to show up since the bill was very recently introduced, and it is the only Health Committee meeting scheduled through the end of the session.
If you are unable to attend the hearings, make your concerns known by emailing and/or calling (preferred) the committee members. Let them know (respectfully) your vaping story and how important flavors have been to you. If you are a business owner, explain what percentage of your e-liquid sales is made up of flavors besides tobacco or menthol, and explain how you verify the age of your customers.Contact Information, Ashland Board of Health Members: 
General Number: 508-881-0100
Jon Andrew Featherston (Clerk)
Edward P. Hart (member)
Charles L. Legassey (Vice Chair)
Mary F. Mortensen (Chair)
Mark Oram (Director) moram@ashlandmass.com
Laura Clifford (Secretary) lclifford@ashlandmass.comContact Information, New York City Health Council:


Corey D. Johnson, Chairperson

District Phone: (212) 564-7757

Legislative Office Phone: (212) 788-6979


Maria Del Carmen Arroyo

Contact Form: Contact Form

District Office Phone 718-402-6130

Legislative Office Phone 212-788-7384 

Rosie Mendez  


District Office Phone 212-677-1077

Legislative Office Fax 212-677-1990


Mathieu Eugene  


District Office Phone 718-287-8762

Legislative Office Phone 212-788-7352


Peter A. Koo pkoo@council.nyc.gov 

District Office Phone 718-888-8747

Legislative Office Phone 212-788-7022


James G. Van Bramer  


District Office Phone 718-383-9566

Legislative Office Phone 212-788-7370


Inez D. Barron  

(no email listed) Legislative Office Fax: 212-676-8595

District Office Phone 718-649-9495

Legislative Office Phone 212-788-6957


Robert E. Cornegy, Jr.  


District Office Phone 718-919-0740

Legislative Office Phone 212-788-7354


Rafael L. Espinal, Jr.  


District Office Phone 718-642-8664

Legislative Office Phone 212-788-7284

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