The Real Dangers of Smoking And Your Shortened Life Expectancy

coughing smokerBy Kathy Robinson –

There are people who feel smoking is just some kind of hobby that smokers have. Studies by the AMA, the American Lung Association, and the American Cancer Society show that smoking is a major contributor to premature death. Did you realize that smoking not only poisons the smoker, it also causes the deterioration of the health of those around the smoker, especially children whose organs are still in the stage of development?

Worldwide it is accepted that cigarette smoking is a main agent of preventable premature death. One in five deaths in the United States can be linked to cigarette smoking. Statistics show that 400,000 people from 1996 through 1999 died per year in the US as a result of smoking. Smoking is directly attributable in cases of lung cancer, coronary heart diseases, and chronic airway obstruction. Do you have any of these diseases? Or are you just starting to develop some of these problems?

Even if we discount deaths that are attributable to second-hand smoke, we see that smoking males and females average a loss of 13 to 14 years from their life expectancy. At this pace of tobacco consumption, approximately 6.4 million children will prematurely lose their lives. The economy will have to accommodate the expenditure of over $100 billion in annual health care costs in addition to the loss of productivity due to the higher death rate and medical expenses. The causes of lung cancer, emphysema and chronic bronchitis are in direct relation to smoking. Wouldn’t you agree that is a massive amount of money that could be better used elsewhere?

Cardiovascular disease is recognized as the leading cause of death in the U.S., and again tobacco use is shown to be a significant contributor. Surveys show the deaths of 65,000 women from lung cancer and 85,000 men from lung and bronchial disease are directly related to smoking. This can be interpreted as meaning that smoking is much more injurious to your health than many people believe. This data should stand as a statutory warning to people, however they continue to ignore the warnings and return to their smoking habit. Are you one of these people?

There are people who wish to quit smoking, and countless new attempts at quitting are made every day. As many people resolve every New Year to quit the smoking habit as do those who go for weight loss. These people must be encouraged and every effort must be given to support their desire to quit and start the road to a healthier life. Do you want to be around to watch your grandchildren grow up?

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