‘Vaping’ wants to be cooler than smoking: 60-Second Know-It-All

news blue200“Vaping,” the use of electrically-powered atomizers to inhale vaporized nicotine solutions in place of smoking cigarettes, isn’t a new phenomenon anymore. It’s gone worldwide and is slowly gaining in popularity.

And that may be one of its problems.

Experts seem stymied in their search for a downside to vaping. Sure, nicotine is a powerfully addictive stimulant, and if all this makes this narcotic a little less disgusting and more socially acceptable, then we owe it to America’s youth to preserve them from the siren clutches of e-cigarettes any way we can. Of course. Besides — it’s just one more bite out of their allowances on top of their 5-hour energy shots and Red Bulls. You kids think we’re made of money?

In fact, web pages purporting to list pros and cons of vaping mainly seem to list expense as the only real negative: These vaporizers can cost $30 to $50 and more.

But I’m surprised when I speak to kids, my own and others, about this phenomenon. This isn’t a vast sampling of opinion, but the young adults I’ve talked to about it wouldn’t touch this stuff with a 10-foot pole. The hipster mentality that drives, feeds and consumes under-30 culture in this society nowadays plows “new trends” like this under on a daily basis. Vaping may have reached for a clean, high-tech cachet – new products on the market usually do – but these kids see the whole thing as simply weird, a bit pretentious, and at best, terribly passé.

So ten minutes ago.

The 60-Second Know-It-All project is an experimental series of informational videos produced by Plain Dealer graphic and video artist William Neff, with sound design and considerable creative input from Plain Dealer photo and sound editor Jon Fobes.

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