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E cigI’ve been a pack a day smoker for over thirty years. I switched to e-cigarettes three years ago and have never looked back. I’ve tried two or three tobacco cigarettes in the last three years just to see if I would like them over my e-cigarette and I can say no. I don’t miss tobacco in the least. No smell, no bad breath, no ashes or butts to worry about. Did e cigarettes help me quit smoking? Yes.

Did e-cigarettes help me break my addiction to nicotine? No. I’m probably more dependent on nicotine now than I was when I smoked tobacco because in order to achieve the “throat hit” I got from tobacco cigarettes, I’v had to use a higher amount if nicotine in my e-cigarettes. I’ve read articles stating nicotine by itself isn’t any more harmful than caffeine. I take that with a grain of salt since I’m not qualified to agree or dispute that claim, but I can say I feel much better physically now than I did when I smoked tobacco. I no longer cough in the morning and my lungs have definitely improved. I have more energy now and don’t get winded as easily when exerted, and my cholesterol count has also dropped significantly. I enjoyed smoking more for the oral fixation than the physical addiction, and I can say I have no intention of quitting e-cigarettes, (unless there are new findings of health hazards).

Can e-cigarettes help someone quit smoking? I think it depends on the intentions of the smoker. There are two basic ways to break the dependents of nicotine, cold turkey, or weening. The weening method can be accomplished by slowly decreasing the amount of cigarettes you smoke until you eventually stop, or by substituting tobacco with another form of nicotine delivery, either the patch or e-cigarettes, then slowly reducing the amounts of nicotine until you feel confident enough to stop. I personally don’t think e-cigarettes will cause a young person to start smoking tobacco cigarettes. I personally don’t think e-cigarettes will cause a young person to start smoking tobacco cigarettes. I think if a young person gets addiction to nicotine by the use of e-cigarettes, they will stick with them instead of switching to tobacco cigarettes just because of the many advantages of e-cigarettes over tobacco ones.

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