Greenwood proposes ban on e-cigarettes, vapers say not so fast

newsJust weeks after state legislators put tougher regulations on the liquids used in  e-cigarettes, one city wants to take that legislation even further in their area.

Some city council members in Greenwood want to ban the use of e-cigarettes in public, putting the device in the same category as traditional cigarettes.

Councilman Mike Campbell says council president, J. David Hopper feels strongly about the ban, but he is split down the middle on the matter.

“I’m just concerned about government overreach. I’ve not had anyone come to me and tell me their was an issue with electric cigarettes and restaurants,” said Mike Campbell.

Councilman Campbell says he doesn’t even believe e-cigarettes are a major concern in Greenwood. He personally wants to know more about the products before banning them in public places. For him the current smoking ban has worked just fine.

“I’m not really sure what the health concerns are but the smoking ban seemed to have been real popular and I don’t think it’s an issue but I am concerned about government overreaching its responsibilities,” said Campbell.

Organizations like Hoosier Vapers think the proposed ordinance goes too far without including people who use the products. They believe it will encourage more people to smoke traditional cigarettes.

“Vaping is actually used by the majority of the people to move away from traditional tobacco products. It’s actually tobacco harm reduction and so limiting adults access or use to those products is actually encouraging them to continue to smoke,” said Hoosier Vapers representative, Evan McMahon.

McMahon says he wants the council to slow down and work with vapers in the area.

“We look at this and say instead of attacking vaping why not encourage the city to embrace vaping as tobacco harm reduction and encourage vaping in city programs dealing with smoking cessation,” said McMahon.

The proposal will go through two rounds of voting during the next two council meetings. The public can weigh in.

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