Chest institute review says vaping helps hardcore smokers get off and stay off

news blue200In a review of their patients over year, the Montreal Chest Institute has made some optimistic findings about e-cigarettes.

43 percent of smokers who tried to quit by switching to vaping, had still quit from 3 months to a year later.

The patients they tracked are what they call “hardcore smokers” so people who have been smoking for decades and smoking heavily.

Siobhan Carney, a nurse practitioner with the project says of 75 that went the vaping route, 32 of them quit for good

“It really is encouraging as a jumping off point to really look at this long term with the clients that we follow.”

It’s the long term effects of vaping that remain unknown, it just hasn’t been studied enough says CJAD’s Health expert Dr Mitch Shulman

“We have an opportunity not to make the same mistake twice,” says Dr. Shulman. “We made a mistake when cigarettes were first allowed out, we assumed they were safe. We’ve learned I hope from our past mistakes just to take things a little bit easier and make sure we have enough data there.”

Even the MUHC hopes that more studies will be done to find out if vaping is really a safe alternative to a deadly smoking habit.

“It would be interesting to see if they come off the e-cigarette and do they want to?” says Carney “Some might be perfectly happy to stay using the e-cigarette and is that okay? We’re not sure.”

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